Cadea smartBiz

CADEA smartBiz increases the added value of your company

Is your company prepared for change? Are your business processes agile enough?

The planned and successful adaptation of a company to new market conditions -
z. Due to innovation or cost pressure, cooperation, mergers, takeovers or
Disruption - is one of the most demanding and risky tasks in management.

CADEA smartBiz specializes in the tactical implementation of strategic goals in change management projects.
CADEA smartBiz offers services from consulting to the realization and integration of IT system solutions.

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Our success factors

  • Many years of operational experience in industrial product and system development
    Method and process knowledge along the product life cycle as well as guidance mechanisms
  • Development of balanced solutions for optimal value creation in sustainable
    Interplay of processes, methods, tools, stakeholders, leadership and well-managed
    Corporate culture
  • Entrepreneurial as well as methodical solution competence even for complex and diffuse problems
  • Short ways to prove feasibility and prototypes. Active accompaniment in the rollout as well as in management reviews
  • Control and stringent management of specialists and services from the knowhow network